About Us

With a 25 year history and clients in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Broking, Securities, Credit Rating, IT, Digital Tech, Consulting, Advisory, Manufacturing, Retail, the firm has grown in scale, reputation and quality.

Specialized services include Immigration Counseling for Jobs in USA and Canada, Education Counseling for USA and Canada, EB5 References to USA and references for Immigration to Attorneys in USA and Canada.

Customized only for USA and Canadian market, to enhance job opportunities and increase employment levels for mature, seasoned, experienced hires, RiverForest Connections LLC in association with RiverForest Imaginet Technologies Inc. ( A Joint Venture with ImagiNET Ventures Private Limited, Dallas, TX) conducts competency assessments, talent testing, aptitude building, competency gap analysis, skillset profile building, employability etc. This solution facilitates mature employees to obtain contemporary jobs in the digital market.

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Designing recruitment process
  • Executive Search & compensation
  • Expatriate Hiring
  • Diversity Hiring
  • Board Appointments and Compensation
  • Building Role profiles and KPI’s
  • Candidate Verification and Background Checks
  • Vendor verification Services
  • Customized Leadership Induction Plan
  • Coaching.

We use globally tested and approved methodology , procedures, customized technical and behavioural assessment techniques in association with our Talent Management Team. With the help of a dedicated team for verification (candidate and Vendor), Executive compensation and ESOP we are able to claim expertise over the entire talent acquisition operation. We offer value added services such as customized:

  • Certified E – learning & educational content through UnivCanada (2003)
  • Psychometric Testing Inc.(2007) testing business for aptitude, attitude, personality, vocation, competency, assessment, development and career interests
  • An online store called www.rforc.com.